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The Universal Timecode Cable is a switchable adapter to bridge the gap between all of your timecode gear. On one end is the switchable Lemo 5-pin 0B connector, compatible with Ambient and Sound Devices timecode input/output jacks. On the other end is a BNC connector for sync into cameras, an XLR for LTC into audio consoles, an 1/8″ plug for Tentacle and Tig sync boxes as well as LTC into DSLRs, and finally a 5-pin Lemo for output.
In the middle, a black carbon fiber box with a simple directional switch changes signal flow from input to output. The unit is entirely passive, so no batteries are required.
Usage note:
Since the Lemo pinout is not bi-directional, the switch needs to be towards the fan out for Lemo in to Lemo out signal flow.
In either input or output mode, the XLR, BNC, and 1/8″ connectors are all parallel. This means that timecode coming in over BNC can be adapted to XLR and 1/8″ at the same time.
Custom connectors (Red 4-pin, DIN 1.0/2.3, etc.) are available.


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