Online – 005: Cinema Camera Technology




Guest speaker: Sean Emer, DP

This is the online version of the class. A recording of the class and applicable digital materials will be available here approximately a week after the class is held.

This class teaches about cinema camera technology, and the differences compared to broadcast camera technology. Color spaces and color science, LUTs, cameras, sensor sizes, lenses, and accessories will be covered. Topics include:

  • Common Traits – Techniques and Tools For Proper Exposure
    • ISO vs EI vs Gain
    • Color Temperature
    • Shutter Angle vs Shutter Speed
    • F-Stop
    • How Exposure Is Measured
  • What Do Cinema Cameras Bring To The Table?
    • Framerates
    • Bigger Sensors
    • Depth Of Field
    • Log/Raw Recording – Dynamic Range
    • LUTs
    • Color Spaces
    • Form Factor and Ergonomics
    • Cinema Lenses
  • Demonstration Of Typical Cinema Camera Setup

    • How to manage your signal from sensor to recorder
    • Iso recording in camera vs off camera
    • Fiber adapters for common cameras
    • Remote Control
    • Run-through of menu system for Arri and Red cameras

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