005: Cinema Camera Technology


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Guest speaker: Sean Emer, DP

This class teaches about cinema camera technology, and the differences compared to broadcast camera technology. Topics include:

  • Common Traits – Techniques and Tools For Proper Exposure
    • ISO vs EI vs Gain
    • Color Temperature
    • Shutter Angle vs Shutter Speed
    • F-Stop
    • How Exposure Is Measured
  • What Do Cinema Cameras Bring To The Table?
    • Framerates
    • Bigger Sensors
    • Depth Of Field
    • Log/Raw Recording – Dynamic Range
    • LUTs
    • Color Spaces
    • Form Factor and Ergonomics
    • Cinema Lenses
  • Demonstration Of Typical Cinema Camera Setup

    • How to manage your signal from sensor to recorder
    • Iso recording in camera vs off camera
    • Fiber adapters for common cameras
    • Remote Control
    • Run-through of menu system for Arri and Red cameras


This ticket includes digital access to all materials, as well as a download of the presentation. Looking for the online class?


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