About the Course

Video Engineering for Film and Broadcast aims to teach AV techs, TDs, camera operators, utilities, streamers, and filmmakers more about video engineering, specifically 4K multicamera production. Over the course of 13 classes, we will go into detail about everything from connector types to how to build a 50-camera 4K tape-delayed live broadcast for world-wide distribution. Hands-on and training labs will allow you to learn by doing, and lecture will give you the technical knowledge you can use on set to build a show and troubleshoot issues. A full syllabus is available here.

This course assumes you have some amount of background knowledge in video and audio, but all skill levels are welcome. Each class is ticketed separately and you don’t have to attend every class, but a discounted Full Course ticket is available for those who want to learn as much as possible.

All classes will be held in the LA area.

If you’re not local to the LA area, each class will be available online with digital downloads of course materials and a recording of the class itself following the in-person class. Tickets to the in-person classes also include these digital downloads.

Contact us at edward@4kmedia.live with questions.